We are available for activities of various lengths from a single lesson to complex programmes lasting several days.

Depending on the clients wishes, we can focus on  a particular topic of the children’s curriculum or their special interest, or we can develop the bonds in a group with team-building activities, or deepen their knowledge and self-awareness with nature-based methods, or just have fun adventures in the great outdoors

Here is a shortlist of the themes of our activities, of course other topics are available on request as well.

  • Life in the forests
  • Discovering freshwater invertebrates
  • Navigation adventure
  • Awesome arthropods and other creepy-crawlies
  • What is the weather like?
  • Secrets of stones and minerals
  • Stepping on volcanoes in Hungary
  • In the footsteps of ancient humans in Hungary
  • On birds and how to protect them
  • Castles and knights in Hungary
  • Twilight walk (bats and animals of the night)
  • Stars, planets and legends
  • An evolutionary journey
  • Discover the wonders of Hungary! (Tata, Börzsöny, Aggtelek, various sites on request)

Personal enquiries, collaboration

If you have any questions or if you have a specific idea you would like to realize with us, we are happy to help! 

You can reach on these numbers: 

+36 30 594 8327 (enquiries in Hungarian) 


+36 30 605 5250 (enquiries in English) 


via e-mail.