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"A spirit of reaching-out to touch and explore the world places us where nature can easily demonstrate her powers to us.”
(Joseph Cornell)

The ÖSVÉNY Education Centre is a team of devoted professionals who are passionate about environmental and outdoor education. We offer a wide array of learning opportunities and we aim to convey knowledge about nature and our place in it through experience-based, interactive methods in a playful and engaging way.

What does ÖSVÉNY mean?
In Hungarian it refers to a “path” or “track” in nature and we use it because for us it also symbolizes a way of learning - a path that takes us to nature’s secrets, if you like.

Where do we come from?
ÖSVÉNY was founded in 2011 by Zoltán Rogovszky, who had, by then, already been organizing outdoor activities and workshops for a long time. The other members joined the group from that time onward, bringing together their years and years of experience in teaching and their respective fields and making our group more diverse.

What is our aim?
We aim to provide high-quality learning opportunities that take children and adults closer to nature and strengthen their bond with the living world.

What do we do?

Here is just a selection of the activities we can offer:
  • Thematic activities (indoor and outdoor lessons, day-trips, excursions) about nature (topics in biology and geography), sustainability, Hungarian folk arts, history, etc. These can be built on the curriculum or based on some special interest.
  • Team-building activities and fun outdoor adventures.
  • Field trips in biology and geography.
  • Handcraft workshops (woodcarving, book-binding, making simple musical instruments, working with clay, making bird nest boxes, T-shirt painting, making friendship bracelets, bead weaving, willow weaving, landart, etc.)
  • Bushcraft workhops (using natural materials for making tools, building a shelter, igniting and guarding a fire, wildcamping, etc.)
  • Interactive guided walks at various sites.
  • Activities that develop self-knowledge and nurture our bond with nature.
  • Complex programmes incorporating several of the above (weekend trips, camps, etc.)
  • On request, we also develop thematic teaching tools (games, toys, card decks, etc.) for teachers and sites of interest (e.g. guided trails, exhibitions) both in Hungarian and English.
  • We provide nature and science-themed activities at festivals and other events

Feel free to browse the photo albums to get a better picture (pun intended) of what we do.
You can find them here.

What methods do we use?
We believe in the importance of getting hands-on experience with nature and applying interactive and experience-based learning methods. We offer a wide variety of learning experiences, adventures and games for any given topic, so that anyone can find something that captures their interest. We prefer to tailor the activities to the participants' needs and their level of knowledge or skills and therefore we like to work in close co-operation with our clients.

Who is it for?
  • Children and adults alike!
  • Families.
  • Pre-school children, students from primary and secondary education.
  • Teachers and other education professionals.

Where can you find us?
We do not have our own education centre, but since we use the outdoors as a classroom and also have partnerships with several accommodation providers, this does not limit our opportunities! This way we are also able to tailor our services to the participants’ needs and wishes and lead activities at any appropriate, given location (after conducting a preliminary field visit, of course).

Personal enquiries, collaboration
If you have any questions or if you have a specific idea you would like to realize with us, we are happy to help!

You can reach on these numbers:
+36 30 594 8327 (enquiries in Hungarian)
+36 30 605 5250 (enquiries in English)