Zoltán Rogovszky

Rogó dreamed up and founded ÖSVÉNY Education Centre and worked out our team's pedagogical approach. By training, he is a biology and geography teacher, a master of folk wood carving, a traditional folk art workshop leader, and he has a degree in community heritage and andragogy. Above all this, he has a wide personal interest in the world including science, arts, literature and music.

Ildikó Orbán

Iló is a biologist. She has been working with ÖSVÉNY since 2010. She has taken part in a lot of activities from summer camps and field trips to professional training weekends. She also worked in outdoor education abroad and she is happy to lead activities in English as well as in Hungarian.

Zsuzsanna Pató

Zsuzsi is a biologist, who joined the ÖSVÉNY team in 2012. She has been involved in environmental education and leading outdoor activities since 2008. She is an active contributor to both planning and delivery of a variety of different activities, but she is most involved in organizing summer camps, team-building and natural history-themed outdoor programmes and training sessions and workshops for teachers and other professionals.

Ági Ruzsás Péterné

Ági is an elementary school teacher who joined us in 2011. She has been an eager camp leader in our ‘nature and indigenous cultures’ themed summer camps since then. Her favourite activities are handcraft sessions but she keeps a keen eye on everyone’s wellbeing and makes sure everyone finds their place.

Tibor Milinszki

Tibor is a forest engineer who joined us after participating in one of our professional development courses on outdoor education. He is the specialist of forest and hunting related educational activities in our team.

Anikó Csorbáné Bere

Anikó Csorbáné Bere is a physicist and chemist, who joined the ÖSVÉNY team in 2017. She is most active as a leader in our summer camps (particularly the ‘exploration and adventures’ themed ones) and at our events stall where she presents and explains exciting scientific experiments and measurements.

Ákos Vig

Ákos is a Biological Conservation engineer, who has been a member of the ÖSVÉNY team since 2015. He is a leader in our summer camps but also participates in field trips and other activities.

Zsófia Szegleti

Zsó is a Biological Conservation engineer. She has been leading activities with ÖSVÉNY since 2015. She aspires to to create balance between research, environmental education and arts in her personal life, and to use her skills acquired in these areas in education.

Beáta Perger

Bea is an agricultural engineer as well as an avid birder in the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society. She met our team in 2018 and she strongly feels ÖSVÉNY is the best place for her to convey her love and knowledge of animals. She is a leader of handcraft activities and ornithological sessions during our summer day camps.