Outdoor learning and adventure for curious families, youth groups and other communities who would like to have some serious outdoor fun!

We have encountered a lot of teachers accompanying their group of children, who after seeing the kids having fun during their outdoor games, ask us why isn’t there something equally enjoyable available for adults?

Encouraged by this, we compiled a list of activities for those who no longer can join us with their school class! 

Of course, these are also available in English for families or groups visiting from abroad and for those who wish to depart from the offers of mass tourism and seek more personal and local experiences in nature in Hungary.

We are happy to provide these at any appropriate site or to suggest places worth a visit and stay and plan our outings together.

Here is a shortlist of activities available, but of course, we are open to new suggestions.

  • Interactive nature walks - get to know more about the natural wonders of Hungary, our flora and fauna, our history and folk art through games and lots of outdoor fun
  • Treasure hunt for the family - learn about navigation techniques, solve puzzles, look for clues and explore
  • Fun team-building games - have serious fun with your family and friends while getting to know yourself and them more deeply
  • Handcraft sessions - we have a loooong list of options including woodcarving,  book-binding, making simple musical instruments, working with clay, making bird nest boxes, T-shirt painting, making friendship bracelets, bead weaving, willow weaving, landart, etc.
  • Adventure days or weekends - here are some of our themes: adventure, expedition, navigation, sports, survival and bushcraft, our inner nature
  • Natural sights in Hungary - visit beautiful nature trails, caves, monuments, hilltops and hidden treasures with us in Tata, Aggtelek, Börzsöny, Bakony or another region of your interest

Personal enquiries, collaboration

If you have any questions or if you have a specific idea you would like to realize with us, we are happy to help! 

You can reach on these numbers: 

+36 30 594 8327 (enquiries in Hungarian) 


+36 30 605 5250 (enquiries in English) 


via e-mail.